The Association had recently received feedback that there are fraudulent activities through website or other channels, by claiming himself/ herself as the master, fellow apprentices or apprentices of Golden Dragon King Master. Besides Malaysia, there were similar incidents occur continuously in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia, Japan, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, America, England, France and other countries.

The Association highly suspect recently there is another planned or on-going fraudulent activities, origin from Malaysia Pahang State, by claiming himself the fellow apprentice of Golden Dragon King Master, introducing he himself with the title of “XiaoBaiLong” (White Dragon Junior Master), and capable in exorcism, Fengshui and other strengths. The Association had immediately launch the police report and urge the awareness to readers & fans and the public, serving the purpose to avoid the unwanted disaster to the innocent.

We would like to further declare that Golden Dragon King Master had never has any master, fellow apprentices and apprentices. Any personal with such claim is apparently the swindler to deceive the public.

We would like to express our appreciation to those who had immediately contact and inform the Association pertaining to the recent fraudulent activities. The Association would like to stress that there will be no hesitation to execute the legal action in order to defense Master and the Association reputation and the benefit of readers & fans and public.

Upon facing the similar fraudulent, the Association urge your immediate action to report to local police from the personal safety point of view, we also appreciate your immediate contact to the following global committee members at your nearest location.

Ms. Kate (Malaysia prime contact) +6014 322 8838
(Hong Kong contact) +852 6938 9260

近期本总会理事接到世界各地读者与粉丝反应有不法之徒自称为金龙王高天霸大师之师父之名,师兄弟或徒弟,透过网站与其他管道进行欺骗活动以获得个人利益。除马来西亚外,类似事件已曾在中国,香港, 台湾,新加坡,澳大利亚,日本,印尼,柬埔寨,越南与欧美地区(美国,英国,法国等国家)陆续发生。





Ms. Kate (马来西亚总线) +6014 322 8838
(香港分线) +852 6938 9260