《Biodata 1》

Sifu Master Golden Dragon King (birth name Kok Wei Peng) was born into a poor family. He is originally a Christian and have a difficult childhood life history. Over 20 years of experience and through the true teaching and guidance from Tai Shang Lao Jun, Sifu Master Golden Dragon King earned international recognition in Yin Yang Feng Shui, Numerology and Astrology and Qi Qong.

Sifu Master Golden Dragon King is also recognized as the only Master in this world who doesn’t use Feng Shui compass and does not require renovation of house or office. Yet Sifu Master Golden Dragon King able to accurately calculate and provide the most optimum Feng Shui arrangement.

This is due to Master’s ability to maximize his senses, and thus able to see, hear, smell, taste and sense beyond ordinary human. His mastery of Seven Senses, first is through the eye – comprehensive analysis of shape, color, light and Qi of energy fields. Second is the ear – hearing the frequency and shape of sounds. Third is the nose – ability to sense clean, fresh, rotten or stinking odor of the surrounding. Fourth is the tongue with the ability to taste the sweet, coolness, bitterness of water for analysis. Fifth is the interpersonal body magnetic field and the emission of light from the human body. Sixth is the consciousness and comprehensive analysis of material existence.

Seventh is the knowledge of situation by asking the history of the person and environment. He then compile all these information for fields, hearing the frequency and shape of sounds, sensing the effect of magnetic field of a particular location on human, and also the affect of Yin matters on human sub-concious. He then compile all these information for analysis.

Medical analysis and Feng Shui analysis are both complimentary to each other. Medical analysis focus on human body. Feng Shui analysis focus on all factors surrounding the body. Human existence have mutual effect on the surrounding environment, “Chi” in the surrounding environment existed because of human living in it. Therefore both medical analysis and Feng Shui analysis are important factor for each other.

Specialized in metaphysical services including:-

  • Black Magic : Removing all types of black magic and more
  • Black Witchcraft Magic : Breaking and removal Incantation . Curse . Evil Spell . Sorcery . Wizardry . Voodoo and more
  • Exorcism : Includes Hunting / Diminishing Ghost . Devil . Evil . Goblins . Spirit Soul . Demon . Satan and more
  • Feng Shui (Environmental Studies) : Yin Yang Feng Shui . Commercial Building . Hotel . Hypermarket . Entertainments Outlet . Office . Housing . Cemetery . Graveyard and more
  • Sorcery Service : Increase Positive Energy . Reunification Legal Issue . Conceiving . Remove Obstacle . Change Luck . Gaining Luck . Improve Luck . Reinforce Luck and more
  • Fortune Consultation : Business . Health . Love . Auspicious Date For Marriage . Childbirth . House Relocation . Opening Ceremony . Naming For Newborn Babies and more
  • Sickness : Eczema . Psoriasis . Ichthyosis . Skin Disease . Rheumatoid Arthritis . Cardiovascular Disease . Migraine . Gastric and more