Recently Master Golden Dragon King had responded to several invitations and travel to multiple countries to resolve incidents of black magic/ witchcraft curses, soul and spirit possess, and etc. We would like to take this opportunity to share the past years experiences through this official platform.

Since the debut of Master, he had delivered his services to help and resolve, total eliminated and free the victims from various unwanted mysterious disaster. Such incident could happen not only on personal, residential and working premises, it could also go over the limitation of gender, age, races, cultures and religions, including Buddhism, Taoism, Christianism, Catholicism, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism, Brahmanism, Shinto, Eastern Orthodox, Yahadut and etc.

Should anybody encounter such unfortunate, regardless your gender, age, races, cultures and religions, you could seek for Master’s assistance to resolve various types of black magic and soul/ spirit disturbance with total elimination. While resolving your difficulty, Master will also enlighten and share with you the truth behind the mysterious and clear your doubt.

For further inquiry, you are welcome to contact the below personal with English, Malay, Chinese and Cantonese communication:
Ms. Kate (Malaysia prime contact) +6014 322 8838 / +6012 650 3733
(Hong Kong contact) +852 6938 9260

“BIG NO” from famous Chinese and western doctor, priest, wizard and medium… your illness is really hopeless?

We are today living in the high tech and severe competition world, this is unavoidable to have the fast pace and extremely high pressure in our society, you may no longer to consistently get yourself a healthy meal but with a substitution of processed foods, and with the aid of improper life styles, you are getting higher risk with critical illness such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attack, cancer, sub-health and etc., which is very common nowadays.

The first things first is to get medical consultation when you fall in sick, people always think that this is no doubt to get treatment and medication as the method to control and to recover from the illness; however there are always symptoms such as dermatosis (tinea, inflammation, or unknown bacterial infection) , long terms dizziness and headache, tiredness, uncomfortable/ irritating felling or aches from any parts of the body and etc., are unable to determine the root cause and fail to cure through X-ray, high precision scanning, therapy, various types of Chinese & western treatment and medication. In such circumstances, the patient will be told these are resulted from sleep disorder, depression, mentally influences, or… there is nothing wrong!!

Upon the failure in scientific treatment, most of the peoples will seek their assistance from wizard, medium, phychic or priest, hoping that the religion or witchcraft methods could resolve, unfortunately these are not effective and it may turn worst and more disappointment.

During the treatment stage, some of the people will be misled that FengShui is one of the root cause, apparently this is not true! That should be the residential structure and negative magnetic field are contributing to the health distortion. Besides, lots people may not know that the spirits and souls, unknowable or abnormal negative forces may also bring the seriousness to your health, other than the above-mentioned illness, it can further evolve to critical illness such as Myocardial infraction (heart attack), stroke, especially cancer (brain, lung, colorectal, lymphoma, nose and throat…) and etc.

Several desperate and hopeless people had met, or been recommended to Golden Dragon King Master Gao Tian Ba to seek for his assistance for such weird incidents. Without further disappointed the patients/ victims, the Master had successfully cure and totally eliminated those miscellaneous diseases which been declared unsolvable by both Chinese and western medical or multi religion academics, and helps people back to their normal life. The truth happening dissemination had brought the unbelievable attention of worldwide public, the academics of medical, science, religion and philosophy. Even with his current fame and celebrity, the Master has continuously to deliver his service at his best, not only in the Center, but also travel frequently to serve the worldwide public.

Should you yourself, friends and next of kin encounter the similar incident, you could always reach the following hotlines and seek your help in English, Malay, Chinese and Cantonese conversation.

Ms. Kate (Malaysia prime contact) +6014 322 8838 / +6012 650 3733
(Hong Kong contact) +852 6938 9260