《Biodata 1》

Sifu Master Golden Dragon King was born into a poor family. He was originally a Christian and had a difficult childhood. Over 29 years of experience and through the enlightenment and guidance from Tai Shang Lao Jun, Sifu Master Golden Dragon King has earned international recognition in Yin Yang Fengshui, Numerology and Astrology, as well as Qi Gong.

Sifu Master Golden Dragon King is also recognized as the only Master in the world who does not use Fengshui compass. Besides, he does not require properties owners to do renovations in order to make Fengshui works for them. Sifu Master Golden Dragon King is able to accurately calculate and provides the most optimum Fengshui arrangement to best suit the individuals.

This attributes to Master’s ability to leverage his senses, for which he is able to see, hear, smell, taste and sense beyond ordinary human. Sifu Master Golden Dragon King is using the Seven Senses in Feng Shui Study, which take into consideration the environment factor, the positive/ negative energy (Qi) factor, and implementation of Traditional Chinese Medicine Science; to calculate and investigate the causes and consequences of each scenario, thus gives the best solutions to the beneficiaries.

His mastery of Seven Senses, includes; The First, is through the Eyes – Comprehensive analysis of shapes, colors, light and Energy (Qi) Field; Second, is through the Ears – Hearing the frequency and shapes of sound; Third, is through the Nose – Ability to sense clean, fresh, rotten or unpleasant smells of the surrounding; Fourth, is through the Tongue – With the ability to taste the savoury, sweet, cold or bitterness of water for analysis; Fifth, is through the Interpersonal Body Magnetic Field and the emission of light from the human body; Sixth, is through the consciousness and comprehensive analysis of material existence; Seventh; is through Understandings and Knowledge by seeking the history/ backgrounds of the environment and persons involved. He then compiles all these information for analysis.

The methodologies used in Medical Analysis and Fengshui Analysis are similar. Medical Analysis assesses on human body; and Fengshui Analysis focuses on all factors surrounding the human body. Existence of human in an environment has mutual effect on each other. Human correspondents to environment and vice-versa. Energy (Qi) exists because of human living in it. Therefore both Medical Analysis and Fengshui Analysis complement each other.

Master is specialised in providing Metaphysical Services, including:

  • Breaking & Removal of Hexes/ Evil Spells: This includes all types of moderate & severe hexes, such as Money Hexes, Health Hexes, Relationship Hexes, Consciousness Hexes, and etc.
  • Removal of Black Magic : Breaking of Witchcraft Spells, Love Spells, Wizardry, Curses, Talismans, Jinxed Spells, Animal Spirits, Voodoo and more.
  • Exorcism: This includes but not limit to Ghost Busting, Evil Spirit Hunting, and Getting Rid of Demon.
  • Fengshui Consultations (Environmental Study) : Yin & Yang of Fengshui, Fengshui of Commercial Building, Hotel, Hypermarket, Entertainment Outlet, House, Cemetery, Graveyard and so on.
  • Sorcery Services: Increasing Positive Energy, Breaking through Business Revenue, Increasing Popularity, Boosting Health, Inviting Fortune, Reunification, Settlement of Legal Issue, Conceiving, Removing Obstacles, Luck Reinforcement, Buddhist Shrine Setup and so forth.
  • Fortune Telling: Related to Business, Health, Love, Relationship, Life Forecast, Naming for Newborn; Auspicious Date Choosing For Marriage, Childbirth, Moving, Opening Ceremony & etc.
  • Curing Sickness/ Health Concern: Examples: Eczema, Psoriasis, Ichthyosis, Skin Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Cardiovascular Disease, Migraine, and Gastric.